Thank you so much for considering donating your clothing to Haiti.  We appreciate you and your heart to help the people of Haiti.

As we serve the needy in a very tangible way, we want to be mindful that we are serving with intentional, compassionate and generous hearts. Here are some guidelines that will help you determine what to give and how to give most effectively!

What to donate and what not to donate

Please DO give:

  • clothing that is washed & clean
  • clothing that is folded
  • clothing that is sorted and labeled by gender and age
  • clothing that is Haiti appropriate (no winter clothes – it’s a tropical climate year round)

This may be surprising or different than what you expected, but these clothes are gifts given to people with dignity, or sold as part of a microcredit business.  They should be in a condition worthy of being received as a gift or acceptable to be sold.  We do not operate a “second-hand store.”

Please do NOT give:

  • clothing that has stains
  • clothing that has holes
  • clothing that is dirty
  • items that are not clothes (no toys, no baby items)

CONSIDER THE DIFFERENCE: Is the clothing out-grown or worn out?

(If it’s worn out, do not donate it for Haiti / if it’s outgrown, it may still be in good condition)

What are the current needs?

  • Women’s business or dress clothes (tops and bottoms) but not casual wear
  • Children’s clothing (ages 5-12)
  • New shoes