Build a Home

It’s been years since the 2010 earthquake destroyed the homes of tens of thousands of people, but far too little has been done in rebuilding their houses. The temporary shelters using tents, mud and sticks and scrap metal are insufficient, to say the least. Families are living in structures that are not safe or secure, that do not have adequate shelter from the tropical storms, that have no insulation, and that have compromised hygiene. We want to help rebuild to bring a hope and a future to Haiti through community transformation and revival.

We can replace temporary housing and failing structures with permanent homes that are earthquake and storm proof. We can do this using local Haitian laborers trained in modern construction techniques, employing, equipping and empowering local workers and helping stabilize the economy. These teams are led and supervised by leaders we know and trust, and can be completed in less than 2 weeks once the funds are donated. For $6000 per home, we can establish a safe and stable home and provide for families in great need.