Help Baby Edison

Edison came to us in April 2017 for our medical clinic, already in distress.  Just a baby, his 10 year old brother Esky brought him to our team of doctors and nurses.  He displayed signs of HIV related symptoms, and after we ran additional tests, we confirmed he was HIV positive and had syphilis.  We began critical care measures for him including nutrients and and took first steps towards a treatment plan and regular care.

Please consider joining with us to help Edison and other children in crisis.  We don’t have the power to heal him, but we do have the opportunity to intervene, provide medical care, nutrition, food and assistance to his family.

To learn more or to donate to help with Edison’s care, please click here.



Restoring Haiti after Hurricane Matthew

We will be bringing comfort to as many people as we can. We will also try to tell the story of what is happening here in Haiti. Not to manipulate anyone’s emotions but to invite the world’s involvement. There are many organizations and NGOs larger but we can guarantee anything given gets to Haiti and is used here.

Dollars are not a substitute for anything, but they are a great tool for helping people and rebuilding lives and communities.

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Your monthly sponsorship ensures that the child you sponsor receives clean water, nutritious meals, education, healthcare and regular biblical input – and impacts other children in need as well.  The Chanje Movement partners with caregivers, community leaders and local pastors to develop sustainable transformation.  Through your support we can feed, teach and equip a new

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We have many different projects going on around Haiti. Every project we do if funded entirely by you. Your contribution will help us to build new houses, provide clean water, create jobs and more!
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