Dream Center

The Chanje Movement has purchased a two acre field in Croix des Bouquets where we will create a “Dream Center” for the local community in a way that can be replicated throughout the region. We are planting a church in partnership with a local pastor, establishing a medical clinic and a trade school, and building a permanent home for orphaned children who are being lovingly raised with a hope and a future. As we break ground, we look toward a new generation that will transform their nation through spiritual and economic revival. Future community centers will include planting additional churches, establishing different trades and educational opportunities, and nurturing environments to help the least of these.

The first phase of construction for the Dream Center has begun, utilizing a multi-purpose building that can initially serve the various needs and interests of the community – a church with programs throughout the week, a clinic when medical professionals come to the region, an auditorium for special programs, etc. To help complete phase one or fund a future phase (including clean water wells, an education center, a home for children and a church) we invite you to give online or to contact us with questions.